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How To Enter The Contest?

André Martin edited this page Mar 6, 2019 · 3 revisions

Our online evaluation system is up and running at

In order to enter the contest officially by getting your system evaluated on our platform, you need to do the following two steps:

  1. Register at docker hub (free) and push your container to docker hub.

The image must be publicly available so that our system can pull the container without authentication. But you can/should choose a name for your id and image that does not disclose your identity to avoid having competitors potentially looking and analyzing your image.

  1. Send us ( your team name that you would like to have appear on the leader board, and the URL to the previously pushed docker image.

How does the evaluation system work?

The system will poll docker hub periodically (every 60s) and check if your image has been updated. If so, the newer version will be enqueued for evaluation, the benchmark executed and the ranking table updated.

The evaluation system is the same as the one that you are already using for local testing except that we will use a different data set for the final evaluation.

If you got any questions, please post them in the issue tracker:

For local evaluation/testing you can download a docker compose based setup at Questions regarding the data set and the evaluation platform should be posted in the issue tracker of the aforementioned git repository.

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