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An Arduino library to talk to Twitter using Twitter Web API made for ESP8266. This is based on a sketch posted here. There are other approaches like using a bearer token arduino-twitter-api, but there are limitations in terms of not being able to send tweet. This can both search/read and post tweets.

ESP8266 TwitterWebAPI

Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token & Access Token Secret

In order to talk to Twitter,

  • Goto and sign in (if you havent already).
  • Fill in the fields, For website you can enter any webpage (e.g., and create your app
  • Then click on the Keys & Tokens tab. Your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret will be there, if not click on Generate.

Fill the obtained Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret inside the sketch.

Using the Library

  • Download this GitHub library.
  • In Arduino, Goto Sketch -> Include Library -> Add .ZIP Library... and point to the zip file downloaded.
  • Install TimeLib library and NTPClient library using the same procedure.

To use in your sketch include these lines.

#include <TwitterWebAPI.h>
#include <NTPClient.h>
#include <WiFiUdp.h>

Define Twitter GET request timeout (optional, default is 1500ms)

#define TWI_TIMEOUT 2000  // in msec

Setup correct timezone to correct the time obtained from NTP server.

const char *ntp_server = "";  //,,
int timezone = -5;                        // US Eastern timezone -05:00 HRS

You WILL need Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret that can be obtained from the above steps.

// Values below are just a placeholder
// Obtain these by creating an app @
  static char const consumer_key[]    = "gkyjeH3EF32NJfiuheuyf8623";
  static char const consumer_sec[]    = "HbY5h$N86hg5jjd987HGFsRjJcMkjLaJw44628sOh353gI3H23";
  static char const accesstoken[]     = "041657084136508135-F3BE63U4Y6b346kj6bnkdlvnjbGsd3V";
  static char const accesstoken_sec[] = "bsekjH8YT3dCWDdsgsdHUgdBiosesDgv43rknU4YY56Tj";

Declare clients before setup().

NTPClient timeClient(ntpUDP, ntp_server, timezone*3600, 60000);  // NTP server pool, offset (in seconds), update interval (in milliseconds)
TwitterClient tcr(timeClient, consumer_key, consumer_sec, accesstoken, accesstoken_sec);

In setup make sure to start NTP connection. A correct time is required to be able to post/search on Twitter.


Search for a key word

std::string search_str;
String tmsg = tcr.searchTwitter(search_str);

Search Twitter User Info (eg follower count)

std::string search_str;

Post to Twitter

std::string twitter_post_msg;

Example: TwitterTweetSearchFSWiFiMgr

In addition to TwitterWebAPI, make sure that TimeLib library and NTPClient library is installed, and install the following libraries

For display you can either install

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