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Document enable() (#517)
Document enable, and help to avoid pitfall of #425
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## Set dynamically

You can also enable debug dynamically by calling the `enable()` method :

let debug = require('debug');
console.log(1, debug.enabled('test'));
console.log(2, debug.enabled('test'));
console.log(3, debug.enabled('test'));

print :
1 false
2 true
3 false

Usage :
`namespaces` can include modes separated by a colon and wildcards.

Note that calling `enable()` completely overrides previously set DEBUG variable :

$ DEBUG=foo node -e 'var dbg = require("debug"); dbg.enable("bar"); console.log(dbg.enabled("foo"))'
=> false

## Checking whether a debug target is enabled

After you've created a debug instance, you can determine whether or not it is

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