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Add easter egg to only play closed PRs

To use this, just set `ULTIMATE_DREAM_KILLER` in your DevTools console.

The explanation for this easter egg is can be found in this article[1].
Just look for `Ultimate Dream Killers`. Some people just like to see
other people's dreams crushed 👎

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1 parent b36c285 commit ed47067f5e56ab70d65fa31f72bf2dbc513f8f56 @mcornella mcornella committed Oct 5, 2016
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@@ -93,6 +93,10 @@ function isEventInQueue(event){
* To extend this function, simply add return true for events that should be filtered.
function shouldEventBeIgnored(event){
+ // This adds an easter egg to only play closed PRs
+ return (event.type !== "PullRequestEvent" || event.action !== "closed");
return false;

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