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Warning I am sorry to say that as of June 28 2023, DecaUI is no longer actively maintained.

DecaUI logo


Overview of Components

DecaUI provides a set of accessible and customizable React components that make it easy to quickly prototype and develop stunning websites.

Getting Started

npm install @deca-ui/react

Using a component

Here is a simple example of a basic app using DecaUI's Button component:

import { Button } from '@deca-ui/react';

function App() {
  return <Button variant="solid">Hello World</Button>;

Click here for the full documentation

What's so different about DecaUI

With DecaUI, developers can use the centralized theming system anywhere within their application with shorthand names for css properties.

Custom CSS with other UI libraries

    marginRight: '2rem',
    marginLeft: '2rem',
    marginTop: '2rem',
    marginBottom: '2rem',
  <Input placeholder="Email Address" />
  <Input placeholder="Password" />
      width: '100%',
    Create Account

Custom CSS with DecaUI

<Box css={{ m: '$3' }}>
  <Input placeholder="Email Address" />
  <Input placeholder="Password" />
  <Button maxWidth>Create Account</Button>

Our focus is consistency

The main problem with other UI libraries is that it's confusing to create consistent webpage layouts with them. DecaUI allows developers to utilize a root theme object which serves properties following the System UI specification.

Thank you React Status!

React Status
Thanks to React Status for showcasing this project on their newsletter (issue #323).