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Yellowgrey Framework

A light weight VC framework inspired by Django and written in PHP.

Quickstart Guide

* Copy all files and directories to the root web folder of the sie that will 
    host the framework.
* That's it!

Basic Use

Change the default site title
Edit yg_framework/settings.php and change the value of DEFAULT_TITLE
If you are developing, change DEBUG to True - this will cause the framework
to output debugging messages.

Editing the default homepage
The content of the homepage comes from yg_framework/templates/home.php
Edit this page to change the content.

Adding a new page
Create a new php page in yg_framework/templates/ and fill with the <body>
content of the page.

Edit yg_framework/views.php and create a new View class named after the page 
name you have just created. There is a stub class in this file you can copy
to get the format.

Edit yg_framework/urls.php and add a new route to the array.  The key is the
URI of the page on your domain and the value is the name of your view.

That's it!

Advanced Use

The full API of the View class is outlined in the example class in views.php
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