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Main changes in ExeFilter versions:
v1.1.4-alpha6 2011-12-02:
- new filter for OpenXML files (Microsoft Office 2007 documents)
- added xfweb, a HTTP proxy integrating the ExeFilter engine
v1.1.4-alpha5 2011-08-25:
- new filter for XML files
- new functions to scan or clean a string, with content-type support
- initial support for multithreading
v1.1.4-alpha4 2011-05-01:
- new scan-only mode (both CLI and GUI)
- new simplified scan/clean functions in ExeFilter module
v1.1.4-alpha3 2011-02-21:
- new GUI using wxPython (initial version)
- improved temporary files management, now uses the system temp dir by default
v1.1.4-alpha2 2010-12-03:
- logging to file disabled by default
- new command line option -l to enable logging to file
v1.1.4-alpha1 2010-09-12:
- updated Origapy to v0.09, with Origami v1.0.0-beta3 (improved PDF parsing
and sanitization)
v1.1.3 2010-06-19:
- added minimal GUI
- new "force extension" option (-f) to control which filters are applied
- PDF filter: new parameter to disable launch actions with PDFiD
- updated PDFiD to v0.0.11
- fixed bug in PDFiD_PL (return cleaned for non-default keywords)
v1.1.2 2010-02-24 main changes since v1.1.1:
- full English documentation
- demo files
- improved PDF sanitization, based on pdfid and origami engines
- new option -o for single file output
- new option -b for batch mode
- exit code according to results, for better integration
- several bug fixes
v1.1.2-alpha6 2010-02-23:
- updated pdfid to v0.0.10
- code reorganization
v1.1.2-alpha5 2010-02-09:
- new "batch mode" option (-b) to disable automatic display of HTML reports
- bugfix when running under chroot (username and locale workarounds)
- bugfix when running several instances (temp dir race condition)
- updated documentation
v1.1.2-alpha4 2009-12-18:
- new "single file output" option (-o)
- exit code according to overall analysis results
- bugfix for 64 bit systems
- updated documentation
v1.1.2-alpha3 2009-11-02:
- completed English documentation for v1.1.2
- completed English translation of all config parameter descriptions
- minor changes
v1.1.2-alpha2 2009-10-22:
- updated origapy 0.08 / origami 1.0.0beta1
- updated pdfid 0.0.9
- archiving disabled by default
- a few more demo files
v1.1.2-alpha1 2009-10-19:
- Added origami and pdfid engines to improve PDF sanitization.
- Added demo files to quickly test ExeFilter.
v1.1.1 2008-03-28:
- initial public release for CanSecWest08