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The 2050 Calculator Book

This is a guide to implementing your own 2050 calculator. You can read it at

It is written as a series of markdown files. These are then turned into a pdf, website and an e-book by using the programs in the public folder.

Writing markdown

The files are written in the pandoc variant of markdown.

Adding a section

If you want to add a section, create a new file with the text and then add it in the right position in the contents.txt file.

Adding images

Images can be added using the 'Upload Files' button at the top of this screen.

They can then be reffered to with code like ![Description of the image](figures/filename-of-image.png)

To add them through the command line:

  1. Put the image in the figures folder
  2. Refer to the image Description of the image

Note that it is important that the image url starts figures and not /figures

Turning the markdown into somethings useful

To turn the markdown into something useful, such as a pdf, website, epub and a word document you need the following installed:

  1. Ruby
  2. pandoc

Then you need to run:

ruby public/make-outputs.rb

If all goes well, you will see the results in the public folder.


The source of a guide to implementing your own 2050 calculator.






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