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A few random scripts for helping with the Excel spreadsheets used by the UK TIMES model
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Several scripts to help working with UK TIMES excel sheets, or any large set of Excel sheets with multiple update dependencies across a complex folder tree where the name of the root folder changes (usually between versions).

To use, please install:

  1. The Ruby scripting language . These have been devloped with ruby 2.1
  2. The rubyzip Gem - (usually by gem install rubyzip)
  3. The [digest gem], [choice gem], [base64 gem], [pathname gem], [uri gem]

The scripts are:

  • propose-replacements-for-external-links.rb - Looks at all xlsx spreadsheets in a folder and subfloders and proposes changes to any absolute links (i.e., they start with a C:) to relative links (i.e., they say that excel file is in the same folder, or a subfolder, or the folder above, as appropriate). Only works on xlsx files, not xls. It also proposes converting links from .xls to .xlsx if a worksheet with the same name but more file format exists.

  • make-replacements-for-external-links.rb - Takes the output from propose-replacements-for-external-links.rb and actually makes the changes. You can hand-edit the external-links-to-be-replaced.tsv (produced earlier) so that this script makes those replacements too. This is commonly used to turn ephemeral links, e.g. to file:\\Q:.. into dummy links file:\\A:.. so that machines which do not have a Q drive do not produce different results from those which do.

  • [propose-links-update] (propose-links-update.rb) - Uses Tarjan's algorithm to explore the update links between all the .xlsx files in a folder and subfolders. Detects circular loops. Produces a topological sort sequence of all files such that they can be updated just once, in that order, and all updated values will propagate correctly (only properly feasible where there are no loops). The sorted sequence is in topolist.tsv . This also attempts a hack when it finds loops: it inserts n copies of the files in a cyclic loop of size n into the correct point in the topological sort.

  • [make-links-update] (make-links-update.rb) - Reads topolist.tsv and updates all the workbooks in sequence, reading from the external links specified in each workbook. If it hits an error, then it records it in "make-links-errors.tsv" and continues. ALways CLOSE Excel before running this script as it uses WinOLE to run Excel itself.

  • [digestxlsx.rb] (./digestxlsx.rb) - Calculates SHA256 digests of Excel files and their component zipped subfiles, ignoring changes which do not affect the values. See --help command line flag for the set of options.

  • check-for-external-links.rb - Looks at all xlsx spreadsheets in a folder and subfolders and reports any links that are not relative (i.e., they start with C: or U: or some such, or are foreign in that they are http://). This list should be checked for local references to files which are only present on your own machine. Only works on xlsx files, not xls

  • propose-replacements-for-external-links-for-versioned-files.rb - Look at all xlsx spreadsheets in a folder and subfloders and proposes changes to any external links that point at spreadsheets of the form residential_v0.2.xlsx to point at things like residential.xlsx if (and only if) the version-less file exists.

  • update-all-external-links.rb - Opens each workbook in a folder in unspecified order, updates its external links and saves it. It takes a command-line argument for the number of times to open all the files.

  • external-link-graphCreates an HTML file with JavaScript using the D3 library to make a force graph showing the dependencies between all the .xlsx files.

  • make-xls-xlsx.rb - Turns all xls spreadsheets in a folder and its subfolders into xlsx spreadsheets. Windows only. Requires Excel.

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