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A quick way of looking up the codes and acronyms used in the UK TIMES energy model
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This is the source code to a simple application that makes it quick to look up all the codes and acronyms that are used in the 'UK TIMES' energy system model.

See for an online version.

Using the list from Excel

You can download an example excel file.

To create one from scratch:

On PC Excel

  1. Download this query file
  2. Open it (either during the download, or by double clicking it)
  3. If promoted with a security concern, 'Enable'
  4. Right click on the worksheet tab and 'Move or Copy' it to the workbook you want it to be part of

On Mac Excel 2011

  1. Download this query file
  2. In Excel, create a new, blank, worksheet
  3. choose the 'data' menu, then 'get external data'
  4. Choose the uk_times_acronyms.iqy from wherever you saved it.
  5. Click 'ok'

To use the list for lookups

  1. Unfortunately, Excel does not automatically create a named range for the query (CHECK ON PC)
  2. So, first step is to create a named range to cover the table
  3. Next step is to use a VLOOKUP to get the name for a code

Fixing or adding an acronym

Edit the codes.tsv file in this folder in Excel (If you have made edits in an external data table elsewhere, just copy and paste them over the contents of the codes.tsv file - it will be fine).

Either send your modified version to or, if you know what you are doing, make a pull request.


Please report bugs on

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