💻 Decentraland Command Line Interface
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Decentraland CLI 1.4

CLI tool for parcel management.

  • Quickly create new projects
  • Compiling scripts
  • Warnings and linting of scenes
  • Hot reloading
  • Sign and upload scenes to Decentraland Content Server (scene deploying)
  • Query parcel/estate/address info
  • Query deployment status
  • Optimizing objects, textures
  • Generating bundles of assets
  • Test framework for scripting



Installation details for each platform can be found on the Documentation


Initialize new Decentraland project from working directory:

dcl init

Start local development server and serve your scene:

If you're using a remote server you should use the CI flag (this disable analytics reporting, browser opening and files hot-reloading)

dcl start
dcl start --ci # Remote server

Deploy scene to Content server and the Ethereum Blockchain:

If you're a ledger user you must use HTTPs flag to support the hardware wallet connection.

dcl deploy
dcl deploy --https # Ledger users

Check parcel/estate/address information:

dcl info 0,0 # Parcels
dcl info 0x9abdcb8825696cc2ef3a0a955f99850418847f5d # Addresses
dcl info 52 # Estates

Check LAND deployment status:

dcl status 0,0


  1. Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/decentraland/cli.git
  2. Go into the CLI directory: cd cli
  3. Run npm install
  4. Build the project by running npm run build
  5. Link the CLI with: npm link

dcl command should now be available.

For CLI tool development, run npm run watch in your terminal (you''ll first need to run the build process at least once) and npm link in order to use it anywhere. The CLI will use the mainnet address for the LANDProxy contract by default. If you want to change it, you can define the LAND_REGISTRY_CONTRACT_ADDRESS environment variable. You can also use DCL_ENV=dev to point to the Ropsten contract. Contract addresses are available here.