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Sep 29, 2017

Decentraland Terraform Districts

This repository holds the proposals for community districts. Land parcels will be assigned to groups of shared interests in the Terraform event.

For more information about the process, see our blog post.

District Proposal Framework

When submitting a district, please include:

  1. Title: Name of District
  2. Description: Discuss in a paragraph the details of your Proposal
  3. Project Lead: Name and Email
  4. Team: Name / Email / Roles of each committed team member (list no more than 5 members)
  5. Goal:  What does this District want to accomplish (i.e. generate revenue for its owners, act as a public gathering place, just be for fun)
  6. Category: Private / Public
  7. LAND Needed: How Much LAND will be required to successfully launch this District
  8. Startup Costs: How much (in USD) will be needed to fund building the District (pay for developers / designers / marketing)
  9. How will funds be raised: Explain how startup costs will be raised to complete and launch the District
  10. How will contributors see a return value: Explain why others would want to participate in this District
  11. Attachments / Designs / Budgets: Upload any supporting files.

Many District proposals may be too early on in the development process to answer all of these questions but the idea is to establish a common rubric for submitting a proposal, to get contributors to start thinking about how they intend to execute on their projects and to give potential supporters an idea of how far along in the development process each particular proposal is. This will help them make a well informed decision in choosing which project to participate in.


Proposals for Community Districts for the Terraform event



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