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Hacker City #36

gmaliandi opened this Issue Sep 29, 2017 · 15 comments


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gmaliandi commented Sep 29, 2017

Title: Hacker City
Description: Let's make Decentraland a programmable virtual world. I plan to make an extension to tinker with A-Frame even before official scripting support lands. The idea is that you should be able to right-click anything, see its code and make a PR right away.
Project Lead: Guido Maliandi (
Team: Everyone who wants to code
Goal: Gather people who want to code epic stuff.
Category: Public
LAND Needed: Not clear for now, but at least 1 :)
Startup Costs: 0
How will funds be raised: N/A
Attachments / Designs / Budgets : N/A.

Example of a simple in-world scripting toolbar


I think the goal of everyone here is to build the metaverse, and we're already in a good position because we have a community, an economy, and a solid tech foundation.

To capitalize on this great start, we have to build cool things to do inside. Lots of people paid money to get a piece of virtual land, and until we build that stuff, we'll have practically nothing to do.

It's not the glorious metaverse until we have an explosive amount of innovation coming from ourselves, the users. That's how the web was born, and that's how the metaverse could be born too. And the lack of this, even in extremely well-funded attempts, is in my opinion the reason why such attempts failed to be massive (e.g. Second Life).

The team's decision to use A-frame is great, because there is a good deal of reusable components already made, and also whatever we build can (and should) have value outside Decentraland, which serves as an incentive for bringing the right people.

I propose we grow an open source community inside Decentraland. Simply put, those who want to code, join Hacker City :)

Collaborative live coding

I think the first things we could build are the tools to experiment and code collaboratively (which would be really meta).

For example, it would be really cool to have a "hacker mode" where you can easily see the code of components. The Github API is really simple, and could be used to allow reading and writing code to repos/gists.

For example, building on top of the example I posted above, we could have a button to create a gist once we build something cool. And of course, we can have support for event-based scripting for object or avatar behaviors, not only items. So when you view, hover, click or right click them they execute certain code.

Then if there is live coding, we could have live broadcasting of code updates - it's very simple to just send the code via WebRTC, and the receiver only executes the code if it comes from a trusted person (the code could be signed for example). So if you're coding something with a friend, you can hack together and instantly see the results.

All this can be done with minimal to no support from the Decentraland client.

We could also aim to host periodic meetings to discuss technical ideas in the city as soon as we have multiuser support (including Decentraland team members if they want to join!).

Feel free to ask any questions or send suggestions and ideas. Hope you're all as excited as I am about all this :D


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arimeilich commented Sep 29, 2017

Give us more details, @gmaliandi 💯


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diogofgr commented Oct 2, 2017

I like this idea!


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gmaliandi commented Oct 4, 2017

Added more details!


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Cryptogenysis commented Oct 21, 2017

I'm in!


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gmaliandi commented Oct 24, 2017

Updated the description with an example repo & live demo for in-world scripting :)


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dalofeco commented Dec 12, 2017

I'm loving this idea. You should set up a slack/some chat thing to discuss this further!


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gmaliandi commented Dec 12, 2017

@dalofeco awesome, you can ping me in Rocket Chat or Slack, I'm gmaliandi there! There are a couple of other people who are also interested, we should definitely make a group chat and talk this further :D


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thepupp3tmast3r commented Dec 16, 2017

Hey guys, I popped into the Decentraland auction today and came across this idea. It sounds great, sign me up mates and let's build the tools that will make enable other devs to get the most out of this platform.


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gmaliandi commented Dec 18, 2017

Hey! It's awesome to see that people are interested in this :)

There's now a #hacker_city channel in RocketChat, so feel free to join!


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dafky2000 commented Mar 15, 2018

@gmaliandi Sent an email an hour or so ago, let me know if you didn't get it.


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gmaliandi commented Jun 6, 2018

Hey guys, I am unable to find the time to dedicate here in the foreseeable future and I am handing over district leadership responsibilities to @dafky2000, who offered to become the district leader and make this a reality 💯


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dafky2000 commented Jun 7, 2018

Awesome, thank you so much @gmaliandi! For everyone else, I hope we can still realize @gmaliandi's initial goals with this district. I have set up an initial contributor registration form using TypeForm - please fill it out, join the official DCL Discord server (, join the #hacker-city channel and request to be invited to the private contributor server :) Looking forward to meeting everyone and building our hacker paradise to push Decentraland to the limits.

Contributor registration form -


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dafky2000 commented Jun 22, 2018

If anyone has any trouble filling in the contributor registration, please get in touch here or on the DCL Discord. I will be happy to help!

The vote on the official district proposal will begin on July 25 2018 so please register!


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dafky2000 commented Jul 12, 2018

Forgot to update here, please join Discord linked above if you haven't already! It is the official communication channel for now.

The vote was changed to July 11 2018... It must be completed by July 25th. The vote is running at


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dafky2000 commented Nov 19, 2018

As per our successful startup plan, we needed to know of all contributors who plan to take part in the district and register within a timely manner. All contributors who did not register within 90 days after the vote do not qualify for any district benefits and have been refunded their original contributed MANA on Oct. 23 2018. If you believe you were refunded by mistake and you had registered, please reach out to discuss possibilities.

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