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πŸ“ Collaborative real-time edition of parcel scenes, with IPFS uploading. Based on aframe-inspector
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Decentraland Parcel Editor

Edit a scene in real time with other users.

  • WebRTC Connections are created between users to sync any changes on the same scene
  • Audio and text chat is available for all concurrent users
  • The save button in the top-left corner uploads the scene to IPFS to continue working on it later

Next steps:

  • Uploading a parcel definition to the testnet LAND contract

This is based on A-Frame's visual inspector tool for scenes. To preview the scene in first person, press <ctrl> + <alt> + i. Make sure to check out A-Frame's inspector repository

Local Development

git clone
cd editor
git submodule init
git submodule update

Create file named docker-compose.override.yaml, copy and paste this gist of code into it and save (we do this to override environment variables):

version: "2"

     - NODE_ENV=dev
docker-compose build
docker-compose up
npm install
npm run build

Then load the server on https://localhost:4444/.


To deploy to

  • ssh
  • cd editor
  • git pull
  • cd ..
  • sudo docker-compose down && sudo docker-compose build && sudo docker-compose up -d

Branches are auto deployed to<branchname>/index.html