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Decentraland's Marketplace


Coverage Status

The Marketplace is a React static site. Its code can be found under the /webapp directory.


It can be found under /indexer.

How to contribute

Contributing to the Marketplace is easy, you just need to go through the following process:

  1. Look for issues in the Issues tab or create a new one with the proposed changes. We classify issues with the “Enhancement”, “Bug” or “Good first issue” tags. Feel free to check one of those first.
  2. Contact team members via the GitHub issue or use the Code Contribution Discord channel. It’s important to at least check on the issue status before starting.
  3. Set up your GPG key and sign all commits in your branch.
  4. Read the testing standards and the coding standards to produce code that fits the project standards.
  5. Create a PR with the changes, linking the PR to the created issue. If there are visual changes in the PR, attach images.

Copyright & License

This repository is protected with a standard Apache 2 license. See the terms and conditions in the LICENSE file.