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This sample includes a flock of hummingbirds that are internally represented as a set of arrays, where each element in the array is a bird.

This blogpost details how to create this scene step by step.

The scene shows 1) how to animate glTF models 2) how to handle a dynamic amount of entities based on an array

In the Releases tab of this repository, you can find simpler versions of the scene that show the progression from handling a single bird up to the final state of the scene.

Explore the scene: this link takes you to a copy of the scene deployed to a remote server where you can interact with it just as if you were running dcl start locally.

Install the CLI

Download and install the Decentraland CLI by running the following command

npm i -g decentraland

For a more details, follow the steps in the Installation guide.

Previewing the scene

Once you've installed the CLI, download this example and navigate to its directory from your terminal or command prompt.

from the scene directory:

$:  dcl start

Any dependencies are installed and then the CLI will open the scene in a new browser tab automatically.


Click on the tree to make a bird appear and start flying randomly around the scene. Each time you click the tree, a new bird appears until a maximum number is reached.