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Decentraland Dog Cat Mouse Cheese

This example, that's described in greater detail in a video tutorial shows how to build a more complex scene that involves predators and prays, which can interchangably be mice, cats or dogs. Each animal has a stack-based finite state machine (FSM) to manage its AI. Each animal uses the a* path finding algorythm to find its way around obstacles and othe animals.

Explore the scene: this link takes you to a copy of the scene deployed to a remote server where you can interact with it. You can also achieve the same by following the steps below and running it locally.

Getting started

Install the CLI

Download and install the Decentraland CLI by running the following command

npm i -g decentraland

For a more details, follow the steps in the Installation guide.

Previewing the scene

Once you've installed the CLI, download this example and navigate to its directory from your terminal or command prompt.

from the scene directory:

$:  dcl preview

Any dependencies are installed and then the CLI will open the scene in a new browser tab automatically.