Pay-to-open: Generic payments example
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Pay-to-open: Generic payments example

Important: This exsample is not supported by versions 4.0 and later of the SDK. It uses the EthereumController which is no longer included in those versions. To implement payments, you currently should use external libraries like web3 or eth-connect. See blockchain interactions in the documentation for more details.

The scene is partly based on the interactive door sample scene, but it only allows you to open the door if you've paid 10 MANA first. Click on the door, sign the transaction in Metamask pop-up and wait until you see "Enter". It uses generic payments API from Decentraland's SDK.

Install the CLI

Download and install the Decentraland CLI by running the following command

npm i -g decentraland

For a more details, follow the steps in the Installation guide.

Clone the repo to your local drive

git clone

Previewing the scene

from the scene directory:

$:  dcl preview

Any dependencies are installed and then the CLI will open the scene in a new browser tab automatically.

You can learn more about handling user inputs in our documentation:


  1. Download the Metamask chrome extension and create an account

  2. Purchase MANA with that account.

  3. Run a demo of the scene and verify that you're not allowed to open the door.

  4. Make a transaction sending 10 MANA to the following wallet address: 0x9dbc8ae2586267126e5067c9958720245d8cc53f

  5. Run the scene again, this time you should be able to open the door.