Example multi user scene, it runs in a server. Base project for the CLI
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Example showing shared state

This scene enables previewing your scene for multiuser testing. It reuses the interactive door sample scene, except in this sample there can be multiple people in the scene at once viewing the door in the same state.

Install the CLI

Download and install the Decentraland CLI by running the following commands:

npm i -g decentraland # install decentraland CLI
npm install           # install local dependencies

For a more details, follow the steps in the Installation guide.

After your CLI is installed, you're ready to first start up your local websocket server, then second, preview your scene.

Starting the websocket server

from the scene directory:

$:  cd server
$:  npm install
# npm will find your dependencies
$:  npm run build
# npm will build the socket server
$:  npm start
# now it's running -- mind the port it starts on

NOTE: edit the scene.json file to update the websocket port to point at your local server. Probably 8087.

Then, once the websocket server is up and the scene is pointed properly at it, fire up the preview like normal

Previewing the scene

from the scene directory:

$:  dcl preview

Any dependencies are installed and then the CLI will open the scene in a new browser tab automatically.


The large, white dot in the center of the viewport determines which object you're currently focused on. To open or close the door, walk over to it, target it with the white dot, and click.