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The BBS Signature Scheme

This repository is home to multiple internet drafts around the BBS Signature scheme, detailed below:

BBS Signature Scheme (Core Draft)

This draft defines the core operations, cryptographic structures and overall protocol for the BBS Signature scheme

Blind Sign BBS Signature Scheme Extension

This draft defines an extension to core draft enabling the ability for blind bbs signatures, including describing the required operations, cryptographic structures and sub-protocol.


Regular meetings are held bi-weekly on Mondays, on the same weeks as the Applied Crypto Working Group call is held.

Meeting agendas and minutes can be found in /meetings, the next up and coming meetings agenda can be found in here.


To assist the development of the specification a set of tooling is co-located in this repository and can be found here.

Generating the output documents

The text and HTML versions of the specifications can be generated by running make; this requires having the xml2rfc and mmark packages installed.