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DIF Claims & Credentials Working Group

The Claims & Credentials Working Group exists to develop interoperable formats for broad adoption around Claim & Credential processes within SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity).


Creating a new work item

  1. Ensure that you have completed the DIF IPR process. You must have at least two co-owners from different organizations for your work item to be considered.
  2. Fork this repository to your GitHub account and clone the fork to your local machine.
  3. In the project directory on your local machine, copy templates/ into lowercase snakecase "short name" for your work item in work_items/. For example, cp templates/ work_items/ Add your work item to the list of active work items in work_items/
  4. Populate your work item by completing all the sections in the template, including answering all the questions.
  5. Commit your changes locally and push to your GitHub account's fork of this repository.
  6. Create a Pull Request against the parent repository including your local changes, and await a decision by the chairs, which is conducted using majority approval across an odd number of chairs. Your item co-owners must express in the Pull Request via GitHub comment that they accept the responsbilities of work item ownership.
  7. Upon approval via merging, chairs will create 1 or more repos and assign code-owner status to applicants, then begin an email thread with the chairs. discuss asynchronously if you require any administrative resources from DIF, such as a regularly scheduled Zoom meeting link, inclusion on the DIF calendar, help configuring hackmd for in-meeting notes/agendas, or any other help facilitating your work item.

Work item ownership responsibilities

As a work item owner, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Timely response to questions and status check-ins about the work item by the chairs and other DIF members.
  • Commitment to designating and sending a work item representative for all C&C WG twice-monthly meetings who can speak on the status of the work item and summary of events.
  • Commitment to timelines and scope of deliverables and/or meetings, and being proactive in communications to the chairs and the group upon any changes to these. Changes to the work item are made and approved in the same Pull Request process described above, except the PR should contain changes to the work item markdown file instead of adding a new one.

Types of working items

We informally recognize a few main formats for work items and recommend the following conduct for each:

  • A Standards-Track Specification is meant to describe curated lists or data formats that will enable interoperability across systems. It should have a destination in mind, such as the W3C Credentials Community Group.
  • A Round Table is an ongoing discussion with specific topics with the goal to solicit broad participation towards consensus-informed community viewpoints or the exploration and rank ordering of potential future work items.


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