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A command line interface for working with Github DIDs.

Getting Started

Next, you will need to install the cli to complete creating your GitHub DID.

npm i -g @github-did/cli
ghdid init "my-password"

If you mess up, you can overwrite everything with:

ghdid init "my-password" --force

Don't worry about this, its all experimental for now (which means be careful!).

This will clone the repo into ~/.github-did/${repo}. Your wallet will be created, encrypted and stored:

~/.github-did/wallet.enc and ~/.github-did/web.wallet.enc

Your DID Document will be:


It will be commited and push automatically by init.

Now that your DID Document is on Github in the correct repo, you can use the github did method resolver, and linked data signature verification libraries.

ghdid resolve did:github:OR13

This will resolve the DID to a DID Document by using Github and https.

The signature for the DID Document will be checked.

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