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The KERI Working Group is no longer active under DIF. Ongoing KERI work has moved to the Web of Trust GitHub repository.

KERI (Archived at DIF)

Key Event Receipt Infrastructure - the spec and implementation of the KERI protocol


Starting Points

  • For an overview and introduction, see the explanatory slideshow here or the public-facing website.
  • A partial draft of the spec (still pending substantial editorial reduction) is available in the KIDs directory.
  • The most recent version of the whitepaper is here. It contains an overview of the functional requirements and design of the KERI protocol, but should not be taken as authoritative as a specification and predates the experimental implementation.
  • Definitions, Questions and Answers categorized by topic here.
  • Contributor guidelines can be found here.
  • As the first experimental prototype is developed in python, updates to the white paper's concepts and new implementation guidance alike are being moved into "KERI implementation documents" (KIDs), which are the building blocks of the spec being refined in dialogue with the first implementations done through the group. ALL of this work (implementation and specs alike) are in PROPOSED stage at best, and in some cases even in EXPERIMENTAL mode (some code commits not even discussed).
  • There are separate repositories for Python, Rust, JavaScript, Go, and Java

Ways to contribute

  • Feel free to open an issue here if you have use-case ideas, or if you have suggestions on how to make the current KIDs more concise, crisper, or easier to understand from an implementer's point of view.


Key Event Receipt Infrastructure - the spec and implementation of the KERI protocol








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