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Universal Registrar Driver: v1

This is a Universal Registrar driver for did:v1 identifiers.


Build and Run (Docker)

docker build -f ./docker/Dockerfile . -t universalregistrar/driver-did-v1
docker run -p 9080:9080 universalregistrar/driver-did-v1

Driver Environment Variables

The driver recognizes the following environment variables:

  • (none)

Driver Input Options

    "hostname": "",
    "ledger": "test",
    "keyType": "ed25519"
  • hostname: Hostname of a ledger node.
  • ledger: Name of the ledger. Options: live, test, dev.
  • keyType: Type of keys to generate and use. Options: ed25519, rsa.

Driver Output Metadata

    "didDocumentLocation": "/root/.dids/veres-test/registered/did%3Av1%3Atest%3Anym%3Az6MkjFYx9ss7FrEVmkJLmUgebJWAQTgHQeT2bPUZKqHin4sc.json"
  • didDocumentLocation: The local file system location of the DID document.