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Loudspeaker Explorer

By Etienne Dechamps ( - MIT License

Open in Colab Binder Continuous Integration

This is the development home of Loudspeaker Explorer, a speaker measurement visualization, analysis and comparison tool.

You might be looking for the ready-to-use rendered Colab notebook or the AudioScienceReview thread.

Developer information

CAUTION: changes made in Colab cannot be merged back into source control because the "rendered" notebook format is very different from the source notebook. If you wish to make permanent changes, follow the below instructions instead.

To make version control easier, in this repository the Loudspeaker Explorer Jupyter Notebook is stored as a Jupytext Markdown file. Jupytext is used to convert the Markdown file to Jupyter Notebook format (.ipynb) for publishing on Colab.

The best way to set up a development environment for Loudspeaker Explorer is to install Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab as well as Jupytext. Then simply open For the notebook to actually run, don't forget to install dependencies using pip install -r requirements.txt. Happy hacking!


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