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Change Log



  • decidim-forms: Added UML clarifying the relation between the Questionnaire classes. #5394
  • decidim-consultations: Allow multi-choice answers to questions in consultations. #5356
  • decidim-proposals: Allow admins to create image galleries in proposals if attachments are enabled. #5339
  • decidim-blog: Allow attachments to blog posts. #5336
  • decidim-admin, decidim-assemblies, decidim-participatory-processes: Add CSV Import to Participatory Space Private Users. #5304
  • decidim-participatory-processes: Add: process group presenter #5289
  • decidim-consultations: Allow to restrict voting to a question by adding verifications permissions #5274
  • decidim-participatory-processes: Add: traceability to process groups #5278
  • decidim-core, decidim-proposals: Add: amendments Wizard Step Form #5244
  • decidim-core, decidim-admin, decidim-proposals: Add: amendments_visibility component step setting #5223
  • decidim-core, decidim-admin, decidim-proposals: Add: admin configuration of amendments by step #5178
  • decidim-consultations: Add admin results page to consultations #5188
  • decidim-core: Adds per Github recommendations #5181
  • decidim-core, decidim-system: Add force users to authenticate before access to the organization #5189
  • decidim-proposals: Add new fields to proposal_serializer #5186
  • decidim-proposals: Add :amend action to proposal's authorization workflow #5184
  • decidim-core, decidim-proposals: Add: Improvements in amendments on Proposals control version #5185
  • decidim-proposals: Copy attachments when importing proposals #5198
  • decidim-core: Adds new language: Norwegian #5335


  • decidim-comments: Change: Promote URLs in plain text to HTML anchors in comments.#5401
  • decidim-core: Promote URLs in plain text to HTML anchors after strip_tags. #5341
  • decidim-accountability, decidim-assemblies, decidim-consultations, decidim-core, decidim-proposals, decidim-debates, decidim-dev, decidim-generators, decidim-initiatives, decidim-meetings, decidim-participatory_processes, decidim-proposals, decidim-sortitions, decidim_app-design: Change: social share button default sites #5270
  • decidim-core: Changes default format date #5330
  • decidim-verifications: Change CSV census validations #5346


  • decidim-proposals: Fix: ParticipatoryText workflow creates multiple versions #5399
  • decidim-assemblies: Fix: show the Assemblies button to allow managing nested assemblies #5386
  • decidim-admin: Fix: Remove first :header_snippets field on organization admin apparence form. #5352
  • decidim-accountability, decidim-core, decidim-proposals, decidim-dev: Fix: diffing empty versions of translatable attributes #5312
  • decidim-core: Fix: WhatsApp url button #5317
  • decidim-core: Fix: AuthorizationFormBuilder does not detect attribute types #5315
  • decidim-participatory_processes: Fix: ParticipatoryProcessSearch#search_date #5319
  • decidim-proposals: Fix: Show error when upload a file with the correct extension but with an error in the content #5320
  • decidim-core: Fix: saving default language to session if choosen by the user #5308
  • decidim-proposals: Fix: show amend button in ParticipatoryText when amendment_creation is enabled and there are no visible emendations #5300
  • decidim-proposals: Fix: prevent ransack gem to upgrade to 2.3 as breaks searches with amendments. #5303
  • decidim-core: Fix: Add uniq index to decidim_metrics table #5314
  • decidim-admin, decidim-core, decidim-dev, decidim-proposals: Fix: multiple items related to amendments step settings and wizard #5263
  • decidim-admin, decidim-assemblies, decidim-conferences, decidim-consultations, decidim-core, decidim-dev, decidim-initiatives, decidim-participatory_processes: Fix: Decidim::Admin::ComponentForm validations #5269
  • decidim-core: Fix: Accept-Language header language detection and uses language default from the organization #5272
  • decidim-core, decidim-proposals: When rendering the admin log for a Proposal, use the title from extras instead of crashing, when proposal has been deleted. #5267
  • decidim-core, decidim-proposals: Fix: diffing withdrawn amendments and new lines in body #5242
  • decidim-core: Filter forbidden characters in users invitations. #5245
  • decidim-assemblies: Don't show private assemblies when becoming childs from another assembly. #5235
  • decidim-conferences: Fix: can't remove area, when conferences are enabled #5234
  • decidim-conferences: Don't send registrations enabled notification when creating a Conference#5240
  • decidim-admin: Fix: Proposals component form introduced regression #5179
  • decidim-core: Fix seeds and typo in ActionAuthorizer #5168
  • decidim-proposals: Fix seeds #5168
  • decidim-core: Fix user names migration #5209
  • decidim-proposals: Fix proposals accepted stat when they include hidden proposals #5276
  • decidim-forms: Fix adding answer options to a new form #5275
  • decidim-core: Add missing locales when creating a new user group #5262
  • decidim-core: Fix CVE-2015-9284 Omniauth issue #5284
  • decidim-comments, decidim-core, decidim-verifications, decidim-initiatives: Bugfixing #5213
  • decidim-core: Fix forgotten redirect page in case TOS is not yet agreed on #5313
  • decidim-admin: Fix managed users stolen identities with users having the same name #5318
  • decidim-core: Fix usernames migration #5321
  • decidim-accountability, decidim-core, decidim-proposals, decidim-dev, decidim-admin, decidim-consultations, decidim-initiatives, decidim-meetings, decidim-proposals: Multiple bugfixes #5329
  • decidim-core: Fix rendering when custom colors exist #5347
  • decidim-core: Fix component generator #5348
  • decidim-core: Fix email notifications #5370
  • decidim-assemblies, decidim-core, decidim-generators, decidim-initiatives, decidim-meetings, decidim-system Various bugfixes #5376
  • decidim-conferences, decidim-consultations, decidim-core, decidim-forms, decidim-meetings, decidim-proposals, decidim-verifications** Various bugfixes #5383
  • decidim-core Fix omniauth registration edge cases and specs #5397
  • decidim-core: Fix errors controller forgery protection #5398
  • decidim-meetings, decidim-core: Various bugfixes #5402


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