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The Comments module adds the ability to include comments to any resource which can be commentable by users.


The Comments component is exposed as a Rails helper:

<%= comments_for @commentable %>

In order to use the helper in your templates you need to include the comments helpers in your application helper:

include Decidim::Comments::CommentsHelper

Finally, add the comments javascript module via Sprockets like this:

//= require decidim/comments/comments


Add this line to your application's Gemfile.

gem 'decidim-comments'

And then execute:


How to contribute

The technology stack used in this module is the following:

For the backend side:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • GraphQL

For the frontend side:

  • Typescript (introduced in #1001)
  • React
  • Apollo

The frontend code can be found in the folder app/frontend instead of app/assets. We are using Webpack to build the React application so we are keeping the React files in a separate folder and then including the bundle.js file using sprockets as usual.

Developing React components

You need to execute npm start in a separate terminal, in the decidim root folder while you are developing this module. When you are finished you can build the project for production like this: npm run build:prod. We are checking in the bundle into the repository.

Run tests

You can execute npm test to run the javascript test suite or you can run npm run test:watch to listen for file changes.

GraphQL schema and Typescript

Since we are using Typescript we can generate interfaces and types from our schema using the following command:

npm run graphql:generate_schema_types

This command will create a file called app/frontend/support/schema.ts that can be used to strict type checking in our components.

In order for this to work your Rails server must be running at localhost:3000, if you're using a different host you can set it with DECIDIM_HOST:

DECIDIM_HOST=myhost:3000 npm run graphql:generate_schema_types


See Decidim.


See Decidim.

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