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This gem provides several generators to create decidim applications & components


gem install decidim-generators


Generating decidim applications

Use the command

decidim my_new_application

to generate a fresh new decidim application.

Generating decidim components

This repo helps you generating the scheleton of a decidim component. It will generate a folder with a plugin's code skeleton that you then need to properly require in your final decidim application in order to use it. To do that, you need to include the plugin in your application's Gemfile.

For example, if you generated your component at ~/decidim-module-experimental_component, you'll need to edit your Gemfile like this in order for the component to be used:

gem "decidim-experimental_plugin", path: "~/decidim-module-experimental_plugin"

Once you do that, and boot your application, you'll see the new component being offered in the "New component" selector on the "Components" section of any participatory space in the admin dashboard.

Generate a new component

decidim --component my_component

Generate a new component in a specific folder

You may do this when you want to point to an existing folder or give it a custom name.

decidim --component my_component --destination_folder ../decidim-module-my_component

Generate a new component as a external plugin

You may do this when your plugin is meant to live outside of decidim's core repo. The generated application has some particularities as opposed to a plugin living in the core repo. For example:

  • It has its own Gemfile.
  • The dummy application path is different.
decidim --component my_component --external


See Decidim.


See Decidim.

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