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Semi-Supervised Data Programming for Data Efficient Machine Learning

SPEAR is a library for data programming with semi-supervision. The package implements several recent data programming approaches including facility to programmatically label and build training data.


  • Design Labeling functions(LFs)
  • generate pickle file containing labels by passing raw data to LFs
  • Use one of the Label Aggregators(LA) to get final labels

SPEAR provides functionality such as

  • development of LFs/rules/heuristics for quick labeling
  • compare against several data programming approaches
  • compare against semi-supervised data programming approaches
  • use subset selection to make best use of the annotation efforts
  • facility to store and save data in pickle file

Labelling Functions (LFs)

  • discrete LFs - Users can define LFs that return discrete labels
  • continuous LFs - return continuous scores/confidence to the labels assigned

Approaches Implemented

You can read this paper to know about below approaches

  • Only-L
  • Learning to Reweight
  • Posterior Regularization
  • Imply Loss
  • CAGE
  • Joint Learning

Data folder for SMS & TREC can be found here. This folder needs to be placed in the same directory as notebooks folder is in, to run the notebooks or examples.

Direct download of the zip file can be done via wget using gdown library .

pip install gdown
gdown 1CJZ73nNa7Ho0BOSDgGx9CRvXoepVSpet


  • Install Submodlib library pip install -i --extra-index-url submodlib In case of installation issues with the submodlib, please consult Submodlib Github.

Method 1

To install latest version of SPEAR package using PyPI:

pip install decile-spear

Method 2

SPEAR requires Python 3.6 or later. First install submodlib. Then install SPEAR:

git clone
cd spear
pip install -r requirements/requirements.txt


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Quick Links


SPEAR takes inspiration, builds upon, and uses pieces of code from several open source codebases. These include Snorkel, Snuba & Imply Loss. Also, SPEAR uses SUBMODLIB for subset selection, which is provided by DECILE too.


SPEAR is created and maintained by Ayush, Abhishek, Vineeth, Harshad, Parth, Pankaj, Rishabh Iyer, and Ganesh Ramakrishnan. We look forward to have SPEAR more community driven. Please use it and contribute to it for your research, and feel free to use it for your commercial projects. We will add the major contributors here.

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