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Currently, at least the following compilers are supported:

  • MSVC 2015 (up from 2013 update 3 since we've introduced light constexpr usage)
  • Clang/LLVM 3.6.0
  • G++ 4.9

If you can confirm support on another platform, please let me know!

Create Lua bindings for your C++ code easily - my improvements

  • Variadic templates.
  • Got rid of the arrays created in invoke.
  • All boost removed.
  • No backward compatibility to any old or faulty (MS) compilers.
  • This is 24mb of Intellisense db versus close to 90mb with original luabind, also Intellisense is not crippled by boost preprocessor usage.

Important: This is not drop in replacable.

  • The template parameters to class class_ work a bit differently to the original (Wrapper and Holder have a specific index, if you don't want one of them, use null_type and/or no_bases)
  • The policies are not implemented as functions with a wrapped integer argument, they're aliases to policy lists containing exactly the one respective policy
  • The error callback is no longer the function that is pushed as pcall's error handler, but is instead called to push the error handler onto the stack
  • Exceptions thrown by luabind will now carry the error message, it no longer has to be pulled from the lua stack separately
  • Since the requirement to Boost.Optional has been dropped, object_cast_nothrow now has a mandatory default argument that is returned when the cast failed. Use boost::optional() for that to get the old behavior


Create Lua bindings for your C++ code easily - my improvements









  • C++ 98.3%
  • CMake 1.7%