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You will need:
Mono 1.1.9
Gecko# 0.10
GCC 3.3
Gtk+ 2.6 + developer headers
Mozilla 1.7.10 + developer headers
Newer versions should work; if they don't, it's a bug.
Building AspNetEdit
Open a terminal in the root aspnetedit director and run the following commands
./ --prefix=PREFIX
Installing AspNetEdit
To install AspNetEdit into the PREFIX directory you specified when running, simply run
make install
The executable and libraries will be installed into PREFIX/lib, and a script 'aspnetedit' is provided in PREFIX/bin to launch the application.
The Mozilla extension that AspNetEdit requires is installed into the 'chrome' subdirectory of your Mozilla installation, for which you will need write access.
Running AspNetEdit directly
You can run AspNetEdit out of the build directory with the command
make run
However, the Mozilla extension *must* be installed first, so this command is only useful for running updated builds of the Mono-based components without reinstalling the whole application.