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#Serve Stellar federation from your domain using nodejs and express


  • Nodejs
  • npm


SSL is required. You can choose whether to terminate SSL in node, or to run the server behind a reverse proxy.

First, install express and https (assuming you want to terminate in node).

npm install -g express
npm install -g https

Next, the domain, Stellar address, and SSL certificate at the top of stellarFederation.js. (Per the comment, https://ngrok.com/ can give you an SSL-secured localtunnel if you'd like to test federation.)

// Configure federation
var DOMAIN_NAME = 'example.com';
var STELLAR_ADDRESS = 'Stellar address goes here';

// Configure SSL, if you'd like to terminate it in Node. For testing
// without your own SSL certificate, use https://ngrok.com/ to set up
// an SSL-secured localtunnel.
var USE_SSL = false;
var PRIVATE_KEY_PATH = 'sslcert/server.key';
var CERTIFICATE_PATH = 'sslcert/server.crt';


Run the server.

node stellarFederation.js