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sysutils/docker-engine: Update TODO

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decke committed Jun 24, 2019
1 parent bb525e3 commit 43a29390c5e80d9d9fd35b7642f8f32d381acff5
Showing with 14 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +14 −5 sysutils/docker-engine/TODO
@@ -14,11 +14,6 @@ vendor/ undefined: netl
vendor/ undefined: entitlements.WithInsecureSpec

libcontainerd/types/types.go:63:51: undefined: Stats
libcontainerd/types/types.go:65:54: undefined: Summary
libcontainerd/types/types.go:70:70: undefined: Resources

vendor/ undefined: Cgroup

@@ -32,6 +27,20 @@ vendor/ undefined: PortM
vendor/ undefined: PortMapper
vendor/ undefined: PortMapper

libcontainerd/remote/client.go:69:2: cannot use c (type *client) as type "".Client in return argument:
*client does not implement "".Client (missing UpdateResources method)
libcontainerd/remote/client.go:96:15: c.newDirectIO undefined (type *client has no field or method newDirectIO)
libcontainerd/remote/client.go:133:26: undefined: runtimeName
libcontainerd/remote/client.go:134:3: undefined: WithBundle
libcontainerd/remote/client.go:191:14: undefined: getSpecUser
libcontainerd/remote/client.go:194:13: undefined: newFIFOSet
libcontainerd/remote/client.go:269:11: undefined: newFIFOSet
libcontainerd/remote/client.go:407:13: undefined: summaryFromInterface
libcontainerd/remote/client.go:593:13: c.newDirectIO undefined (type *client has no field or method newDirectIO)
libcontainerd/remote/client.go:678:5: undefined: newFIFOSet
libcontainerd/remote/client.go:678:5: too many errors

libcontainerd/supervisor/remote_daemon.go:84:3: r.setDefaults undefined (type *remote has no field or method setDefaults)
libcontainerd/supervisor/remote_daemon.go:193:20: undefined: containerdSysProcAttr

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