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Genesis Elementor Canvas

Optimizations for Elementor Canvas page template when used with Genesis.

Features & Description:

You can easily use Elementor with Genesis of course. However, when using the "Elementor Canvas" page template you're losing the inherited theme styles of your Genesis Child Theme. This plugin just changes that. If you have disabled the global colors and styles in Elementor (which I recommend in most cases) then this plugin here manages that the Genesis styles of your child theme are enqueued properly.

Also, the plugin keeps Genesis body class support, Genesis script support for pages/ posts/ post types intact.

Just activate the plugin and you are done. Simple as that.

Plugin Installation:

Requirements/ Prerequisites

Via "GitHub Updater" Plugin (recommended!)

  • Install & activate the "GitHub Updater" plugin, get from here:
  • Recommended: set your API Token in the plugin's settings
  • Go to "Settings > GitHub Updater > Install Plugin"
  • Paste the GitHub URL in the "Plugin URI" field (branch "master" is pre-set), then hit the "Install Plugin" button there
  • Install & activate the plugin

Manual Upload


  • Are done via the plugin "GitHub Updater" (see above) - leveraging the default WordPress update system!
  • Setting your GitHub API Token is recommended! :)
  • It's so easy and seamless you won't find any better solution for this ;-)

Changelog - Version History:

--> See plugin file here

Copyright (c) 2018 David Decker -


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