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Genesis Shortcode UI

Enhance the default Shortcodes of the Genesis Framework with a Shortcode UI powered by the Shortcake plugin.


Very comfortably enter the 20 Genesis default Shortcodes in the WordPress Editor via a visual User Interface powered by the Shortcake plugin. The Genesis default Shortcodes were never easier before!

Backstory: Since I figured out the Shortcake plugin (aka "Shortcode UI") is a really nice and genius project it was clear I had to do something for Genesis with it. So this is the first result! :-)


  • Visual Shortcode interface - totally simple and easy! :)
  • Big advantage: You don't have to remember the Shortcode attributes names etc.!
  • Mobile! The Shortcake base plugin is very powerful and also works fully on mobile - so just have fun ;-)
  • Developer friendly: customize or extend via filters
  • Fully internationalized and translateable! -- German translations already packaged!
  • Developed with security in mind: proper WordPress coding standards and security functions - escape all the things! :)

Plugin Installation:

Requirements/ Prerequisites

Manual Upload

Via "GitHub Updater" Plugin (recommended!)

  • Install & activate the "GitHub Updater" plugin, get from here:
  • Recommended: set your API Token in the plugin's settings
  • Go to "Settings > GitHub Updater > Install Plugin"
  • Paste the GitHub URL in the "Plugin URI" field (branch "master" is pre-set), then hit the "Install Plugin" button there
  • Install & activate the plugin


  • Are done via the plugin "GitHub Updater" (see above) - leveraging the default WordPress update system!
  • Setting your GitHub API Token is recommended! :)
  • It's so easy and seamless you won't find any better solution for this ;-)

Usage - 1) Basics:

  • In the edit screen for Posts, Pages, Custom Post types click the button "Add Media" (above the editor window) and then on the left click "Add Post Element"
  • This will give you a nice overview list of all available Shortcodes: just choose any of the Genesis ones and change the attributes if necessary
  • Then embed it to your post content and you're done!
  • Once you want to edit an existing Shortcode, inserted before, just hover over its line in the content editor and you'll get presented with an edit icon (pencil icon): just click it and change the attributes.

Usage - 2) Advanced:

Usage - 3) Limitations, Info etc.:

  • Limitation: For some attributes that get entered via the Shortcode UI, the whitespace gets trimmed. This is the current behavior (or issue?) of the Shortcake plugin
  • However, this only affects the Shortcode preview within the editor
  • The Shortcode attributes are inserted properly, including spaces/ whitespace!
  • And, most importantly, the rendering on the frontend of your site will also include space/ whitespace you've entered in the UI!
  • Note: I might discuss this with the Shortcake team if this could be improved
  • Limitation: Currently, the Shortcake plugin displays no preview Icon or Image for Shortcodes rendered as one line in the Editor.
  • It's only a visual thing: the rendered view is still clickable and editable for the whole line in the Editor! (In the same way as for built-in WordPress Shortcodes like "gallery".)
  • Note: I might discuss this as well with the Shortcake team if this could be improved
  • Limitation: The "Back to Top" Shortcode from Genesis was left out, intentionally, as it makes no sense to use this old XHTML/ HTML 4 feature any longer!
  • Bonus: Otherwise, the originally "hidden" url attribute in Shortcode "Footer Genesis Link" was included as it makes total sense especially for affiliate links! :)

Plugin Filters (Developers) - 1) Basics:

  • gsui_filter_genesis_label --> modify the label "Genesis" to anything you want (presented in the Shortcode overview list)
  • gsui_filter_genesis_logo_image --> modify the image path for the Genesis logo - absolute path is needed!
  • gsui_filter_genesis_logo --> modify the complete output of image path or Dashicon class for the logo/ icon
  • gsui_filter_shortcode_ui_args_{shortcode_tag} --> filter arguments for one Shortcode tag for Shortcode UI (Shortcake plugin)
  • gsui_filter_genesis_shortcodes_ui_args --> filter arguments for any/all Shortcodes for Shortcode UI (Shortcake plugin)

Plugin Filters - 2) Examples

Exclude one or more Shortcode tags from the UI

To exclude one of the Genesis default Shortcodes from appearing in the UI, just use this code snippet from this Gist

Just uncommend all those lines with the Shortcode tags you don't want to see in the UI.

In the filter gsui_filter_genesis_shortcodes_ui_args place the Genesis Shortcode tag together with the prefix sp_, like so:

$genesis_shortcodes[ 'sp_footer_studiopress_link' ] = 0;

Change the overview logo for a certain Shortcode in the UI

To change the logo icon/ image in the UI overview, let's say, to a Dashicon from WordPress itself -- just use the code snippet from this Gist

The same principle applies for all other Dashicon icons and Shortcode tags as well.

If you want to use my built-in icon types, choose one of the following:

$genesis_shortcodes[ 'sp_footer_site_title' ][ 'listItemImage' ] = ddw_gsui_genesis_logo( 'post' );

--> will output my "post"-based icon

$genesis_shortcodes[ 'sp_post_date' ][ 'listItemImage' ] = ddw_gsui_genesis_logo( 'footer' );

--> will output my "footer"-based icon

$genesis_shortcodes[ 'sp_post_time' ][ 'listItemImage' ] = ddw_gsui_genesis_logo( 'default' );

--> will output my "default"-based icon (Genesis)

And if you want to change to your own custom image path, simply change this line to this:

$genesis_shortcodes[ 'sp_post_tags' ][ 'listItemImage' ] = ddw_gsui_genesis_logo( 'custom', '', '' );

--> will output your own image file

Tips: Use transparent .png with a size of 120x120px - bigger size might be fine, it gets scaled by Shortcake CSS anyway... :)

Where to put these filters/ code snippets?

  • In a custom plugin/ functionality plugin!
  • OR in a snippets manager like "Code Snippets" plugin
  • OR in your Genesis Child Theme's functions.php file or in a other theme specific "functions" file.


= Localization & Internationalizaton:

  • Used textdomain: genesis-shortcode-ui
  • Default .pot file included
  • German translations included (de_DE)
  • Plugin's own path for translations: wp-content/plugins/genesis-shortcode-ui/languages/
  • Recommended: Global WordPress lang dir path for translations: wp-content/languages/plugins/ ---> NOTE: if this file/path exists it will be loaded at higher priority than the plugin path! This is the recommended path & way to store your translations as it is update-safe and allows for custom translations!
  • Recommended translation tools: Poedit Pro v1.8+ or WordPress Plugin "Loco Translate" or your IDE/ Code Editor or old WordPress plugin "Codestyling Localization" (for the brave who know what they are doing :) )

Changelog - Version History:

--> See plugin file here


  • Enhance Readme documentation and code snippets
  • Improve taxonomy selector for 'post_terms' Shortcode
  • Add screenshots

Copyright (c) 2016 David Decker -


Enhance the default Shortcodes of the Genesis Framework with a Shortcode UI powered by the Shortcake plugin.




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