In GlotPress plugin change the export file name to project name, plus locale string (as a language code).
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GlotPress Plugin: GP Project Export Name

In GlotPress plugin change the export file name to project name, plus locale string (as a language code).


Using native filters in the GlotPress plugin for WordPress to tweak the export file names to a more practical format/ string.

Backstory: In my private GlotPress install I only translate from English to German. Therefore I only always need to export/ save translation files with the German locale "de_DE". The project name as file name makes a lot of sense: using plugin name also as plugin slug and textdomain is common sense nowadays in WordPress universe. As a result I get file names like "" that I only need to upload, package as ZIP or something like that. Pretty cool, hehe! :-)


  • Install, activate and use. That's all!
  • It works seamlessly in the background only using native GlotPress filters.
  • Makes work of translators and plugin/ theme developers a bit more easier, hopefully.
  • A plugin for "GlotPress as a WordPress plugin".

Plugin Installation:

Requirements/ Prerequisites

Manual Upload

Via "GitHub Updater" Plugin (recommended!)

  • Install & activate the "GitHub Updater" plugin, get from here:
  • Recommended: set your API Token in the plugin's settings
  • Go to "Settings > GitHub Updater > Install Plugin"
  • Paste the GitHub URL in the "Plugin URI" field (branch "master" is pre-set), then hit the "Install Plugin" button there
  • Install & activate the plugin


  • Are done via the plugin "GitHub Updater" (see above) - leveraging the default WordPress update system!
  • Setting your GitHub API Token is recommended! :)
  • It's so easy and seamless you won't find any better solution for this ;-)


  • Uses name of project as main file name (or sub project - always the deepest level gets used), plus a locale language code (like "en_US" or "de_DE"), plus the file format extension.
  • Example: Project name in GlotPress is "My Example Plugin" and locale is set to "it_IT"
  • Result: filename for example will be: "my-example-plugin-it_IT.po" (or .mo or whatever extension selected from the dropdown...)


= Localization & Internationalizaton:

  • Used textdomain: gp-project-export-name
  • Default .pot file included
  • German translations included (de_DE)
  • Plugin's own path for translations: wp-content/plugins/gp-project-export-name/languages/
  • Recommended: Global WordPress lang dir path for translations: wp-content/languages/plugins/ ---> NOTE: if this file/path exists it will be loaded at higher priority than the plugin path! This is the recommended path & way to store your translations as it is update-safe and allows for custom translations!
  • Recommended translation tools: Poedit Pro v1.8+ or WordPress Plugin "Loco Translate" or your IDE/ Code Editor or old WordPress plugin "Codestyling Localization" (for the brave who know what they are doing :) )

Changelog - Version History:

--> See plugin file here

Copyright (c) 2016-2018 David Decker -