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Thinking about contributing to Decko?

Welcome! And thanks for taking the first step.

We want to make contributing to Decko as rewarding an experience as possible. Please jump in, and ask away for help.

FIXME: contact routes here (support ticket, google group, etc. slack?)


The Decko team makes heavy use of GitHub’s pull request system. If you're not familiar with pull requests, that's the best place to start.

A great pull request is:

  • small - so the team can review changes incrementally

  • tested - including automatic tests that would fail without its changes

  • explained - with a clear title and comments

Developing Mods

Mods (short for modules, modifications, modicums, modesty, whatever…) are the main mechanism for extending Decko behaviors, and they're a great place to start learning how to contribute.

Documentation is still sparse, but you can get a sense for how to start by reading lib/card/set.rb.

To install in a mod-developer friendly mode, try `decko new mydeckname –mod-dev` (still uses standard gem installation).

Developing the Core

To install in a core-developer friendly mode, try `decko new mydeckname –core-dev`. Doing so will let you run all core specs using `decko rspec`.


While I started a decko server with the local decko path, it showed the error of `NoMethodError (undefined method 'notable_exception_raised' for #<Card:0x007f8d44fed250>):`.

After cloning the decko code from github, there are serval submodules that need to be initialized. You may run the command `git submodule update –init –recursive` in your local decko root directory. Then redo the seeding `bundle exec decko seed`.

I have a problem to upload image to my site. The image uploaded is shown as zero bytes with a broken image in the preview but uploading a non-image is fine.

Your environment is missing the package `ImageMagick`.

Mac OS:

`brew install imagemagick`


`sudo apt-get install imagemagick`

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