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Membrane is a musical instrument for the Sega Genesis that supports up to two players.

See manual.pdf for help on playing the game.

Build (Windows only)

This section is for those who wish to build Membrane from source.


  1. Compile and install SGDK using the instructions on the following page:
  2. Run build.bat.
  3. Load out/rom.bin into your favourite emulator or cartridge.

Controller setup

Controllers with 6 face buttons

Membrane is intended to be played with six-button Sega Genesis controllers, or other controllers with a similar button layout. For the latter, use the following configuration for the face buttons:

Bottom row, from left to right: A B C
Top row, from left to right: X Y Z Start: Start

Controllers with 4 face buttons

Controllers with six face buttons are currently uncommon. More common are controllers with four shoulder buttons, and four face buttons arranged in a diamond shape. For such controllers, the following layout is recommended for the face buttons:

Bottom face button: X
Left face button: Y
Right face button: Z
Start: Start

A variety of layouts for the shoulder buttons are listed below.

Generic layout:

L1: A
R1: B
R2: C

Alternate layout 1 (recommended for Xbox 360 controllers):

L2: A
L1: B
R1: C

Alternate layout 2:

L1: A
R1: B
L2: C