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How to Contribute

N.B. - Please include tests in your contribution if required.


Note: remember to run npm install before executing these commands.

  • npm run build - renames lib/ to src/ and then compiles the CoffeeScript from src/ into lib/
  • npm run unbuild - removes lib/ and renames src/ to lib/
  • npm run release - runs npm run build, then npm publish ., then npm run unbuild
  • npm run test - runs the tests


The goal with this library is to create a package that can handle saving to and reading from configuration files. Right now, it works with JSON; but the ultimate goal here is to be able to write adapters that map parsing logic to different file extensions, so that different file formats can be parsed. JSON, YAML and CSON are already baked-in and supported.

Needs Refactoring

There are certain parts of this module that could be done a lot more efficiently. If you can make these parts better, you are welcome to.

  • flatten_object - This needs to be made more efficient. link

  • find - This needs to be made more efficient. link

  • destroy - This currently only "destroys" a property by setting it's value to undefined. It would be nice if it actually deleted the property entirely. link