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amtm - the SNBForum Asuswrt-Merlin Terminal Menu
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amtm - the SNBForum Asuswrt-Merlin Terminal Menu

A shortcut manager for popular scripts for wireless routers running Asuswrt-Merlin firmware.

Discuss and read more on the SmallNetBuilders Forum: amtm - the SNBForum Asuswrt-Merlin Terminal Menu

How to install on Asuswrt-Merlin

Enter this into your favorite SSH terminal:

/usr/sbin/curl -Os && sh amtm

Screenshot of amtm 1.8, uses selected color theme when Diversion is installed:

amtm v1.7

Currently supported scripts

Diversion / AB-Solution - maintained by thelonelycoder
DNSCrypt - maintained by bigeyes0x0
Entware - maintained by zyxmon & ryzhovau
Pixelserv-tls - maintained by kvic
Skynet - maintained by Adamm
USB Disk Check at Boot - maintained by latenitetech, thelonelycoder
Format Disk - maintained by thelonelycoder
Stubby-Installer - maintained by Xentrk
YazFi - maintained by Jack Yaz

How to start amtm after installation

Enter this into your SSH terminal:


If Entware is installed on the router, start amtm with this command.
Diversion installs Entware by default, amtm has an option to do so.


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