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DECOIT CBOR-IF-MAP Bridge - TNC Base Elements

This library provides Java classes that provide mapping between IF-MAP XML and a specific CBOR data structure. It can use an XML dictionary created with our XML-CBOR-Dictionary library to reduce the size of the CBOR output significantly. If no dictionary was provided, it uses a simple string based mapping that achieves only a small reduction in output size.

The main purpose of this library is converting IF-MAP into a CBOR data structure to reduce the bandwith required to send the data over a network. It may also be used to reduce the space required when storing IF-MAP structures on disk. The resulting CBOR data structure consists of several nested arrays to keep ordering of data intact during conversion.

It features full IF-MAP 2.2 support as described in the following two documents published by the Trusted Computing Group.

This library may be used on both server and client side as it features full support for serialization and deserialization of requests and responses.

The library was developed during the SIMU research project.


The following requirements must be met to compile and use this library:

To compile this project the Oracle JDK is preferred but it may work as well on other JDK implementations. Any Java 8 compatible JRE (Oracle, OpenJDK, Apple) should be able to run the application.


Follow these steps to compile the project and install the JAR to your local Maven repository:

  • Open a command prompt and change directory to the root of this project
  • Execute mvn install


To use this library in your application simply add the dependency to your pom.xml file:


To create a CBOR representation of your IF-MAP structure simply build the structure with pure Java code using the provided identifier, metadata, request and response classes. The pass the created object structure to the CBORSerializer class. The top level element must be a subclass of AbstractRequest or AbstractResponse. The resulting byte stream may either be retrieved as a Java byte array or directly injected into an OutputStream, depending on what you want to do with the CBOR structure.

CBORPublishRequest req = new CBORPublishRequest("my-session-id");

// ... add elements to the request here ...

byte[] result = CBORSerializer.serializeRequest(req);

To retrieve a Java object structure from a CBOR byte stream simply pass it to the CBORDeserializer class. The CBOR byte stream may be provided as a Java byte array or as an InputStream.

AbstractRequest newReq = CBORDeserializer.deserializeRequest(result);

Extension Interface

It is possible to extend this library with your own extended identifiers and vendor-specific metadata and use it in requests and responses. Please have a look at our CBOR-IF-MAP SIMU Extensions project to find out how this works in detail.


The source code and all other contents of this repository are copyright by DECOIT GmbH and licensed under the terms of the Apache License Version 2.0. A copy of the license may be found inside the LICENSE file.


A library that provides XML to CBOR mappings for the TNC IF-MAP base elements







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