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A small MVC for Titanium Mobile
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Appcelerator Titanium Mobile MVC

TiMVC is a small MVC for Titanium mobile. Want a single JSS file, action routing, json data passing, inheritance, layout separation and code organization? If so you should try TiMVC. Includes sample application & multi-dashboard view.

Features and Benefits

Single JSS File

Application no longer requires multiple JSS files for each window. All JSS is located in a single app.jss file.

Code Organization

Resources folder is organized and clean. MVC folder allows for predefined storage of models, views, controllers, components and assets (images & databases).

Action Routing

Route to your controller action simply by specifying the route string. E.g. Action route "conroller/action" where "controller" is a controller class file located in the /mvc/controllers folder and "action" is a class function of the controller.

JSON Data Passing to Actions

Pass JSON data object to controller action function by simply by passing the route string and data object to the TiMVC App class. The core TiMVC App class handles all routing and data passing.

MVC Class Inheritance

TiMVC uses component base classes located in the /mvc/component folder. Edit base component classes to add methods to be inherited to controllers, views and models. TiMVC App class automatically adds base methods to loaded model, controller or view.

Includes Dashboard for Android/iPhone

Software package is sample application with TiMVC that includes examples for tabs, simple windows, database and a Android/iPhone dashboard.

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