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RFP 0001 - Native Windows Wallet GUI UI/UX Overhaul


The Paymetheus project, a graphical Bitcoin wallet for Windows implemented with WPF, is being ported to Decred. The UI/UX for Paymetheus is currently very basic and is in need of a visual overhaul for consistency and usability. Several user interface changes will also need to be made to the application to support features specific to Decred.

This overhaul requires 2 separate deliverable sets that may be supplied by separate individuals or groups: (1) a new visual design, possibly including changes to the application task flow to streamline the UX, and (2) additions and modifications to support the staking features of Decred. Proposals may be submitted for deliverable sets (1), (2) or both (1) and (2).


  • UI design - Experience with references to prior work.

  • UI coding - Familiarity with C#, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and XAML. Experience with references to prior work.


Paymetheus currently includes UI elements for: creating new or opening existing wallets, creating new or renaming existing accounts, displaying an account's balance and transaction history, creating new receiving addresses, creating and sending transactions, unlocking the wallet, and importing private keys. Screenshots of the current port can be found in this RFP directory.

Existing screens and prompts must be modified to follow a modern design. Examples of good design include Microsoft's design language for Windows 8 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and Google's Material Design. Icons must be added for common tasks and to help visually distinguish between different kinds of transactions. Colors should be used to make the application more visually appealing.

Functionality must be modified to support Decred changes and staking features. A new view must be added for purchasing tickets from a stake pool (this can be integrated into the existing transaction creation view, or added as a new task). The confirmation indicator must be modified to properly represent Decred's stakeholder block validation.

Changes to the Paymetheus layout and task flow are acceptable, but must be accompanied with sound reasoning and be proactively addressed as part of the UI design. The application must remain compatible with Windows 7.

Estimated Work

1 week FTE or greater (1 FTE = 40 hrs/week)


Proposals should include:

  1. Description of proposed visual design
  2. Mockups showcasing proposed changes to the application layout and task flow
  3. References to prior work on WPF projects (preferably open source)
  4. Estimated completion time


Partial payments shall be made at the following milestones:

Visual design

  1. The proposed design style is integrated into a single view (e.g. the Account Summary view)
  2. The proposed design style is integrated into the entire application
  3. The design has been successfully integrated into the Paymetheus master branch

Decred integration

  1. XAML interface created for stake ticket purchases
  2. Integration with wallet code for purchasing stake tickets (requires demonstration)
  3. Confirmation indicator redesigned for stakeholder validation
  4. Decred-specific changes have been successfully integrated into the Paymetheus master branch

Modification of these proposed milestones is acceptable, and must be accompanied by sound reasoning in a proposal. Under no circumstances shall payments be made in advance of work being completed.