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Decred Change Proposals

A Decred Change Proposal, or DCP for short, is a design document that describes potential consensus changes to Decred. Due to Decred's decentralized governance structure, any proposed changes to consensus require super-majority stakeholder approval via the integrated on-chain proof-of-stake voting infrastructure. Consequently, DCPs primarily serve for documentation, fostering cross-implementation compatibility, and helping ensure proper engineering rigor is followed.

Prior to putting a consensus change to an on-chain vote, the proposed change must first be accompanied by a DCP as described in DCP-0000 along with providing a working and tested implementation, and the rule change must be gated behind a voting agenda which ensures the stakeholders are provided with the opportunity to vote to accept or reject the change.

It is important to note that DCPs are the end result of a process that begins with the Decred off-chain proposal and voting system, Politeia, which deals with more generalized proposal submissions. It is through that system that all initial proposals for consensus changes are brought to life, undergo collaboration, and are subject to an initial community vote to determine if the work necessary to create a working implementation, its associated DCP, and an on-chain vote for the rule change should be performed.

Number Title Status
0000 DCP Process Active
0001 New Stake Difficulty Algorithm Active
0002 SHA256 Opcode Active
0003 Relative Lock Time Support Active
0004 Fix LN Sequence Locks View Active
0005 Block Header Commitments Active
0006 Decentralized Treasury Active
0007 Revert Treasury Maximum Expenditure Policy Active
0008 Explicit Version Upgrades Active
0009 Automatic Ticket Revocations Active
0010 Change PoW/PoS Subsidy Split To 10/80 Active
0011 Change PoW to BLAKE3 and ASERT Active
0012 Change PoW/PoS Subsidy Split To 1/89 Active


Decred Change Proposals (DCPs).