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/Decred-Design repo has been created with the intent of scaling the design output, maintaining consistency, accessibility and organisation. Initial aims are following:

  • Communicating DCR design contributors current tasks and forming high level overviews. (Done by using Gh’s built-in pm features. The discipline breakdown is currently done by major products and visual communications in general. New categories and projects can be added depending on the activity.)
  • Coordinating work and syncing up with other designers.
  • Posting deliverables and reports to root archiving.
  • Providing a central location for cross-referencing design related issues or questions through-out the ecosystem.
  • Accepting and reviewing requests.

Use Practice:

  • Use Slack’s design and projects ops channels for quick and temporary communications and general discussions around work. (#design /redux/ops)
  • Post one selfs tasks and projects for coordination on the relevant project boards
  • When posting a new item, start with a Note. When the item is in progress, define it’s details by making it into an issue.
  • When doing confidential work, post the published result under the Completed board and document it as an issue (e.g. short delivery report, preview, links, work files or assets) once ready for publishing.
  • Post delivery reports, assets and other references as issues.
  • Use labels and to create better visibility and organisation between issues

If you are working on visual, motion design or illustration tasks for use in general visual communication (e.g. promotion, marketing, instructions…) – using only Decred-Design and Slack will cover most of the needs.

If you are working with different Decred Platforms/Products – both the relevant product(s) repos and /Decred-Design should be regularly used tools. While different product repos have various use practices, levels organisation and activity, the /Decred-Design role is to bring clarity between a general design direction and how it’s applied across the products. It's recommended to post all important design developments and deliverables with sufficient descriptions to /Decred-Design for archiving.

Obviously different teams have nuances in their approaches, as one rule of thumb, needless double posting should be avoided as much. Instead use /Decred-Design as a detailed point of reference for relevant items, implementation, etc and refer to # issues here. This way future projects will have an easier time understanding what’s what already.

Next steps

The current use of this repo can be looked as a stepping stone towards building a functional design system. The groundwork requires working further into practice of using gh, recollecting and organising various assets, component libraries, practice guides and standards as well completing critical design developments in key platforms. The framework for the system will be hosted here.