mono repo that houses various libraries/utilities for accepting Decred payments
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dcrpayments is a mono repository that houses various libraries/utilities that are useful for integrating a Decred payment gateway.


The Go stack is considered production quality. The PHP stack is currently undergoing clean up and refactoring and is nearing production quality as well. If you are developing a custom integration, testing may be performed on the Decred test network by using the testnet faucet.

Go Project Listing

  • dcrpayd - Microservice for serving addresses and price quotes.
  • util - Utility library for deriving payment addresses and initiating payments with the testnet faucet.

PHP Project Listing

  • decred-php - [WIP] Production quality library and tools for working with Decred.
  • php-exampletestnetstore - End-to-end example of creating an order, presenting a Decred address for payment, and checking block explorers to check whether a transaction which satisfies the payment requirement comes in.

The following are deprecated in favor of the aforementioned decred-php and will be removed soon:

  • php-addressgen - BIP-0032 address generation libary with Bitcoin/Decred support
  • PHP_Blake - PHP module that adds a 14 round BLAKE-256 hash function used by php-addressgen

General Concepts/Setup

The best way to begin is to see the Getting Started guide and follow the "Command-Line Path" and "Testnet guide" instructions so you have dcrd/dcrwallet running locally on testnet. From there, create an account to test receiving payments:

$ dcrctl --wallet createnewaccount dcrpayments
$ dcrctl --wallet getmasterpubkey dcrpayments

You should see a long string starting with tpub which represents the master public key for this account returned as output. This is used by dcrpayd and the example testnetstore to deterministically derive payment addresses from the account. This lets the software use i.e. address #1 for order #1, address #2 for order #2, and so on to prevent customers or competitors from seeing how many orders have been placed and the amount(s) the wallet has received. If the master public key is ever obtained by a third party, they will not be able to spend your funds, however they will be able to see the addresses/balance of this account. For this reason, it is best to have the "real" wallet which contains private keys separated from the actual payment infrastructure.

One quirk is that the wallet under normal operation for personal activity will use a gap between addresses. Gaps are not desired for e-commerce at this time so we can simply tell the wallet to watch the first 10,000 addresses.

dcrctl --wallet accountsyncaddressindex dcrpayments 0 10000

This step will need to be performed again if the wallet is ever restored from seed. At this point, you should be able to accept up to 10,000 orders and can simply extend the address index if you surpass 10,000 orders.

Future Work

Development will soon begin in earnest to provide integrations with popular/common e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress E-Commerce, OScommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, XCart, Commerce:SEO, Gravity Forms, Zen Cart, Spree Commerce, Ubercart, Ecwid, Drupal Commerce, Membership Pro, Virtue Mart, etc.


Feel free to come join us on any of the other platforms listed on the Decred Community page. The development or payments_integration channels are the best place for discussion.

Issue Tracker

The integrated github issue tracker is used for this project.