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Dcrtimegui is a web application which provides an easy and free timestamping service using dcrtime as the backend.

A hash of each submitted file is calculated and sent to a dcrtime server, which aggregates these hashes, organizes them into a merkle tree, hashes that tree down to a merkle root, and timestamps that merkle root in the Decred blockchain once an hour.

Technical details

  • This service, dcrtime and Decred use the sha256 hash function.
  • The files are not stored in the server. It uses dcrtime as backend to store and timestamp the files hashes.
  • This app uses the dcrtimejs to communicate with the dcrtime APIs.

Running APIs

Network Base URL


To start the development server:

yarn && yarn start


To generate the production bundle for mainnet:

yarn && yarn build

For testnet:

yarn && yarn build-testnet

Verify and timestamp SHA256 hashes using URL parameters

It's possible to use the results route to verify and timestamp SHA256 hashes directly. There are tree parameters to be set:

  • hashes (required): the hashes to be timestamped separated by comma.
  • names (optional): the name associated to each hash separated by comma. The names has to follow the same order as the digests are provided. Its used only for displaying purposes. If the name is not provided, the digest will be used as the name instead.
  • timestamp (optional): if true, the hashes which aren't timestamped yet will be sent to dcrtime.


The following URL will verify the hashes of two files (file1.json and file2.txt), the hashes which can't be found in the server will be uploaded for timestamping in dcrtime.