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[Application Options]
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Decred wallet settings
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Use testnet (cannot be used with simnet=1).
; testnet=0
; Use simnet (cannot be used with testnet=1).
; simnet=0
; Set the private wallet passphrase. This option enables unlocking the wallet
; as well as running the ticketbuyer at startup without using the private
; passphrase prompt (--promptpass), it may reduce security. This should
; only be used for voting-only wallets or wallets with minimal balances, and
; in cases where the wallet needs to be unlocked at startup so it can be run
; automatically (e.g. as a system service).
; pass=
; Enable the wallet to vote on tickets. If this is a voting-only wallet, set
; this option to 1 and optionally also set the wallet passphrase with the "pass"
; flag.
; enablevoting=0
; The directory to open and save wallet, transaction, and unspent transaction
; output files. Two directories, `mainnet` and `testnet` are used in this
; directory for mainnet and testnet wallets, respectively.
; appdata=~/.dcrwallet
; Set txfee that will be used on startup. They can be changed with
; dcrctl --wallet settxfee as well
; txfee=0.0001
; Set a number of unused address gap limit defined by BIP0044
; gaplimit=20
; Set number of accounts that can be created in a row without using any of them.
; It also changes a number of accounts that will be scanned during seed restoration
; accountgaplimit=10
; Disable coin type upgrades from the legacy to SLIP0044 coin type keys even
; when no address usage is discovered on the legacy coin type
; disablecointypeupgrades=0
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; RPC client settings
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Connect via a SOCKS5 proxy. NOTE: Specifying a proxy will disable listening
; for incoming connections unless listen addresses are provided via the
; 'rpclisten' option.
; proxy=
; proxyuser=
; proxypass=
; The server and port used for dcrd websocket connections.
; rpcconnect=localhost:9109
; File containing root certificates to authenticate a TLS connections with dcrd
; cafile=~/.dcrdwallet/dcrd.cert
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; RPC server settings
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; TLS certificate and key file locations
; rpccert=~/.dcrwallet/rpc.cert
; rpckey=~/.dcrwallet/rpc.key
; Curve to use when autogenerating TLS keypairs
; tlscurve=P-256
; Enable one time TLS keys. This option results in the process generating
; a new certificate pair each startup, writing only the certificate file
; to disk. This is a more secure option for clients that only interact with
; a local wallet process where persistent certs are not needed.
; This option will error at startup if the key specified by the rpckey option
; already exists.
; onetimetlskey=0
; Specify the interfaces for the RPC server listen on, one listen address
; per line. Multiple options may be set in the same configuration,
; and each will be used to listen for connections. NOTE: The default port is
; modified by some options such as 'testnet', so it is recommended to not
; specify a port and allow a proper default to be chosen unless you have a
; specific reason to do otherwise.
; These option semantics apply to both the rpclisten and grpclisten options.
; rpclisten sets the listeners for the JSON-RPC server while grpclisten
; modifies the listeners for the gRPC server.
; By default, the JSON-RPC server listens on localhost addresses on port
; 9110, and the gRPC server listens on localhost addresses on port 9111.
; rpclisten= ; all interfaces on default port
; rpclisten= ; all ipv4 interfaces on default port
; rpclisten=:: ; all ipv6 interfaces on default port
; rpclisten=:9110 ; all interfaces on port 9110
; rpclisten= ; all ipv4 interfaces on port 9110
; rpclisten=[::]:9110 ; all ipv6 interfaces on port 9110
; rpclisten= ; only ipv4 localhost on port 9110 (this is a default)
; rpclisten=[::1]:9110 ; only ipv6 localhost on port 9110 (this is a default)
; rpclisten= ; only ipv4 localhost on non-standard port 18337
; rpclisten=:18337 ; all interfaces on non-standard port 18337
; rpclisten= ; all ipv4 interfaces on non-standard port 18337
; rpclisten=[::]:18337 ; all ipv6 interfaces on non-standard port 18337
; Disable the JSON-RPC server or gRPC servers
; nolegacyrpc=0 ; JSON-RPC
; nogrpc=0
; JSON-RPC (Bitcoin Core-compatible) RPC listener addresses. Addresses without a
; port specified use the same default port as the new server. Listeners cannot
; be shared between both RPC servers.
; Adding any JSON-RPC listen addresses disable all default rpclisten options.
; If both servers must run, all listen addresses must be manually specified for
; each.
; legacyrpclisten=
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; RPC settings (both client and server)
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Username and password to authenticate to a dcrd RPC server and authenticate
; new client connections to dcrwallet.
; username=
; password=
; Alternative username and password for dcrd. If set, these will be used
; instead of the username and password set above for authentication to a
; dcrd RPC server.
; dcrdusername=
; dcrdpassword=
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Debug
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Debug logging level.
; Valid options are {trace, debug, info, warn, error, critical}
; debuglevel=info
; The listen address(es) used to listen for HTTP profile requests. The profile
; server will only be enabled if any listen addresses are specified. The
; profile information can be accessed at http://<address>/debug/pprof once
; running.
; profile=:6062 ; listen on port 6062 on all interfaces (NOT recommended)
; profile= ; listen on port 6062 on IPv4 loopback
; profile=[::1]:6062 ; listen on port 6062 on IPv6 loopback
[Ticket Buyer Options]
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Ticket Buyer settings
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Amount of funds to keep in wallet when stake mining
; ticketbuyer.balancetomaintainabsolute=0
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