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This is the code for the website.

Build Status ISC License


  1. Install prerequisites:

  2. Clone repo

    git clone
    cd dcrweb
  3. Start development web server:


You should now be able to access the site at http://localhost:1313

Editing content

dcrweb is built using the Hugo site generator framework. The most frequently updated content sections live in the below locations:

Section File Comments
Press releases src/content/press/*.md When adding a new release, please follow the file naming convention in the directory.
Press coverage src/data/press/coverage.yml
Download links src/data/wallets/links.yml
Current release src/data/wallets/current_release.yml The current release as it appears in the footer
Contributors src/data/contributors/*.yml Avatar images: src/assets/images/contributors
Community channels src/data/community/channels.yml Logo images: src/assets/images/community
Exchanges src/data/exchanges.*.yml Logo images: src/assets/images/exchanges
History src/data/history/*.yml Edit timeline and stats section.

The other sections live under src/layouts. These pages are implemented as Hugo templates and are localized. The message catalogs can be found in src/i18n, when making changes in the templates, you'll want to keep the strings in the catalogs, please follow the naming scheme in the existing templates.


Run the HTML validator to make sure all of the generated files are syntactically correct. (The script depends on yarn and docker being installed.)

yarn && yarn test


The below commands must be run when either the content changes or there are updates in the translations in Transifex. You'll first need to install the Transifex client.

Importing new translations and content updates

When translations are added/updated in Transifex, pull the updates:


When you run this for the first time, you'll be asked to log in with your Transifex username/password.

To push the changes to staging:

git commit -m'Translation update'
git push origin

Updating the message catalog

When the master content changes in the HTML files, you'll need to re-generate the message catalog and push it to Transifex so that translators can update the localized message catalogs:



A Docker configuration is included for building the deployable images of dcrweb.


  • docker

Building the Docker image for deployment


This builds the docker image decred/dcrweb, which can then be run using:

docker run -d -p <local port>:80 decred/dcrweb:latest

Push to Dockerhub

docker login

Enter your Docker HUB credentials that has write access to the decred/dcrweb repository.

docker push decred/dcrweb

Run in production

docker pull decred/dcrweb
docker run -d --rm -p <local port>:80 decred/dcrweb:latest

Runs the docker image exposing the specified local port.


dcrweb is licensed under the liberal ISC License.


Decred website code.



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