Decred Modular IRC Bot programmed in Node.js
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Decred fork of Modular Node.js IRC Bot

An extremely modular IRC bot written in Node.js with Decred price functions added.

How to use/install

If you cannot host this or don't want to use your own system, please view the Cloud9 Install Tutorial (For Beginner Users) or the OpenShift Install Tutorial (For Experts) otherwise, continue on...

  1. Make sure you clone this repo with git and not just upload or download a zip of it. Make sure that git pull is executable, otherwise the update check will not work.
  2. Open config.js and configure the file. There are comments in the file that should tell you what to do.
  3. Install Node.js. Go in a command prompt and navigate to the bot's folder.
  4. Run npm install to automatically install all of our dependencies. Make sure Node.js is updated to the latest version.

To start your bot, type node main.js or alternatively, open run.bat on Windows. Otherwise, to run it as daemon, run node app.js start.

Your bot should be on the desired channel.

Modules and how to use them


Modular-Node.js-IRC-Bot operates on the GNU General Public License v3.0. The GPL (V2 or V3) is a copyleft license that requires anyone who distributes our code or a derivative work to make the source available under the same terms. V3 of the license restricts use in hardware that forbids software alterations.

For more information, visit LICENSE.txt.